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Volunteer at Barry Community Garden

‘Community gardens and growing projects can deliver huge benefits. Their therapeutic value to health and well-being is well-recognised; they can improve the appearance (and market value) of housing estates or an organisation’s premises; they provide space for recreation, access to fresh affordable produce, a way-in to teaching about cooking and nutrition; and they can help tackle climate change by supporting a more localised and sustainable food chain.’ –

When you volunteer, the people and organisations you serve aren’t the only ones who benefit. You reap the rewards as well—better health, a rosier outlook, and new learned skills.

A strong social network has been linked to healthier, longer and happier lives. Build yours up through volunteering—a time-honoured way of meeting new people and making new friends.

Many of the volunteers and staff at the community garden will have gone through many of life’s challenges that you may be going through. Volunteering has certainly helped them. It will help you.

You do not need to know anything about gardening.

Learn informally from others. Community gardens and other outdoor spaces are usually understaffed—but they’re operated by gardeners and landscapers who love their craft and are eager to share their knowledge.

Community gardens can feed families, they beautify neighbourhoods—and they’re run by knowledgeable, over-stretched volunteers. Many community gardens are in desperate need of help and time.

On the otherhand, learn by teaching. You may have experience. Share knowledge with kids about plants and seeds, or lend a helping hand.

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